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NRA Instructor # 193462708


    Having lived in Arkansas most of my life and being fortunate enough to have had a father who loved hunting and shooting, my interest in firearms began at an early age. My dad taught me gun safety and the proper use of firearms which I put to use on more squirrel and deer hunts than I can count. 


     I have been a member of Twin Lakes Gun Club since 1994 and served as Vice President for 8 years. Shortly after joining I was bitten by the competition bug. My good friend Mike Collie got me interested in USPSA and got me started shooting local club matches. This led to 3 gun competition which I lived and breathed for a few years. This dedication (my wife called it an obsession) paid off. I won my class at the 3 Gun Nationals in 2005 (B Limited)  & 2007 (A Tactical). I also won several state level titles in Arkansas and Missouri in both 3 gun and handgun shooting. 


    Recognizing that competitive and defensive shooting are not the same, I have taken numerous defensive shooting courses in tactical/advanced rifle and pistol, team tactics, and close quarters battle.  I became an NRA Pistol Instructor for Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home.  After completing a 2 Day Combat Focus Shooting course I was convinced it is the best product out there for people to learn to defend themselves. With my fellow instructors Rick and Elka, I attended and passed a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Development course taught by Rob Pincus which earned me the opportunity to become a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor.  I completed my team teaching requirement in November of 2015 with Alessandro Padovani.


   I am truly fortunate to be part of a strong and accomplished teaching team at Training at Barren Creek and look forward to helping you achieve your goals in becoming proficient with your firearms.

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