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So, you've taken your concealed carry class and chosen your handgun and holster, but might not be comfortable enough with your skills to carry concealed regularly. In that case, you need some individual instruction!

I will tailor instruction to your needs and proficency level.


Individual Instruction will begin with a review of basic firearm safety, and include proper stance, grip, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger press, and follow through.


Further instruction may include:


  • Safe presentation of the handgun from a holster and safe reholstering.

  • Presentation of the handgun from concealment.

  • Efficent reloading and malfunction drills.


My goal is to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude neccessary to carry concealed with comfort and confidence.  Please call 870-404-5251 for more information or to schedule your instruction.



1 person $40/hr -minimum 2 hours

2 persons $30/person/hr -minimum 2 hours

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