Elka Summers King
Instructor # 13-897

Twin Lakes Defensive Firearms Training offers the Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry course.  The Arkansas State Police require a minimum instruction time for class of 5 hours excluding range live fire, and instructions/completion of the application. 


My usual class size is 8 students. This gives me time to work with each student individually to develop skills and confidence in proper shooting technique and gun handling. I will teach you to shoot, or help you improve your shooting if needed, not simply ask you to shoot.  Your safety is my utmost concern.  My students shoot one at time and each student's gun will be unloaded and benched until it is his or her turn to shoot.  Please feel free to call me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this class.


 Class Start: 9AM


In this course we will cover:

  • Situational awareness and personal safety

  • Criminal law and civil liability

  • Concealed carry law

  • Handgun fundamentals

  • Safe gun handling and firearm safety rules

  • Proper shooting technique



Upon completion of this course you will receive your Certificate of Training (confirming your safe gun handling and proficiency).


If you complete your application online you will receive an Authorization Number on your receipt to put on your Certificate of Training before mailing it with your Fingerprint Card ( which you can have made at the Baxter County Sheriff's Administrative Office Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4:30 PM) to Arkansas State Police, CHCL Section, 1 State Police Plaza Drive. Little Rock, AR 72209.


To complete the CHCL application online, click on the Arkansas State Police icon above. You may complete the application before or after you take this class.  You will be able to check the status of your license online at the Arkansas State Police website.


If you complete a paper application you will mail it with your Certificate of Training, Fingerprint Card, and application/background check fee to Arkansas State Police, CHCL Section, 1 State Police Plaza Drive. Little Rock, AR 72209.


You will need to bring the following:


  • Eye protection (safety glasses) and hearing protection (ear plugs or muffs). 

  • An unloaded handgun and ammunition for that handgun (please leave your handgun and ammunition locked in your car). I will provide a handgun for you if you do not have one.

  • Hat

  • Sack Lunch


Due to the indoor nature of this class, inclement weather, while inconvenient, will not affect the class.

$100 / person